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You can contact with e-sim staff via Irc on our official channel.

Official Irc Channel

Primera: #strade

Secura: #setrade

In either the #strade/#setrade channel you can trade products, as the name suggests. Products are bought or sold from #strade simply because products in #strade can be bought for a really low price, but also sold in big numbers, making it more usefull than the product market, where you can only buy stuff for high prices, and sell only a few products. Also, when trading in either trade channel, no taxes are paid. This is very usefull for the "sellers", because this neutralizes the low prices.

How to trade on either #strade/#setrade?

You can trade in #strade in 2 different ways:

The first one is a contract. This method is surely the safest one, because you're sure you get the stuff you want. The only downside of a contract is that it takes a few minutes to make one.

The second one is donating. You donate your money/stuff to the other person, and the other person donates his stuff/money to you. This method is dangerous because you can get scammed, meaning that the other person doesn't completes his part of the trade. But if you trade with someone who has a voice (this will appear right next to his name in the irc-chat) than you can use the donate way, because it means they're trusted!

Connect via www

If you don't have your Irc client, you can instantly connect via those links:

  4. Direct link

Community Irc Channels

List of IRC Channels

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